Greater Pittsburgh Backflow Inspection And Installation

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Plumbing systems age, just like any other part of your West View home. A backflow inspection is just what you need to avoid disaster with your fresh water supply.

As your pipes get old, there’s no telling what can happen with your plumbing system. If the connections get loose or fail, you could have contaminated water flowing back into your freshwater pipes.

A regular backflow inspection from KB Plumbing can help you avoid disaster in your home. Our professional plumber can offer you an inspection if you call today. We’ll send a skilled plumber to check your home’s plumbing from faucets to toilets.

Our local pros can also assist you with the other services you may need, such as water heater installation, fixture repair, and more. Get your backflow inspection done by setting up an appointment today, and we’ll make sure your plumbing parts are working as they should.

Backflow Installation

In addition to backflow inspections for homes and businesses, we offer expert installations. A backflow installation is necessary to prevent water from traveling back into the water main if a pressure loss occurs in your plumbing system.

Within the past ten years or so, backflow systems have been installed in residential homes in the area. The commercial industry has used backflow preventers for many years.

  • Protects your fresh drinking water supply from contaminants
  • Keeps out germs, viruses, harmful chemicals, bacteria, and waste
  • Ensures your drinking water is safe to use
  • Gives you and your family peace of mind
  • Complies with regulations in locations where backflow preventers are mandatory

KB Plumbing provides a wide variety of both commercial and residential backflow installation options.

We train our professionals to inspect, install, and repair all backflow devices that are common in homes and businesses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Let us help you with all your backflow installation and service needs today!