Keep Your Drain Flowing Free With Professional Drain Cleaning

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Are you looking for a professional plumber who offers drain cleaning service? Get expert drain cleaning and clog removal service in West View, PA, and other areas from KB Plumbing.

Many of the homes in the Coraopolis area have drain lines comprised of cast iron or galvanized steel. They’re also common in McKees Rocks and other communities throughout the area. Over time, these lines can erode from the inside, causing them to drain slow or clog.

No matter what type of plumbing your home has, KB Plumbing is here to help you unclog, repair, or replace your drain lines. We can augur, cable or hydro-jet to resolve the problem, leaving your drains flowing as good as new.

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  • Augur Clog Removal
  • Cable Clog Removal
  • Hydro-jetting Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning – Clog Removal

Auger and cable clog removal are two of the most common methods of drain cleaning. We use these methods to clear standard drain stoppages. In most cases, this is all you need to remove plumbing clogs.

If the sewer pipes also get coated with hard limescale, the clog won’t budge, or the debris is located too far down the sewer line, our plumber will need to use hydro-jetting to remove it or else you’ll keep having the same clog issues.

Drain Cleaning – Plumbing Maintenance

If it’s not already, drain cleaning will eventually become an essential part of your plumbing maintenance as your sewer pipelines age. Sediment buildup causes corrosion. Corrosion leads to leaks, and the buildup narrows the pipes and makes the drains inside your home sluggish and slow-moving.

  • Removes sediment buildup that causes pipe corrosion and leads to leaks
  • Clears tree roots and other hard clogs
  • Removes clogs from further down the sewer lines
  • Keeps the drains flowing free

Preventing the hardened limescale and debris from building up inside the pipes prevents the narrowing that causes the corrosion and your drains to be sluggish and slow-moving. You may want to plan for the installation of a water filtration system because it removes the sediments in the water before it flows through your pipes.

For the best results, you’ll want to rely on an experienced professional plumber to help you with the essential drain cleaning maintenance. You need a good plan to remove the sediment buildup so that your sewer lines flow free as they should.