Never Be Without Water In Your Greater Pittsburgh Area Home With Water Line Repair

Top Plumber Serving The Greater Pittsburgh Area

KB Plumbing offers professional water line repair in West View and our other service areas in Pennsylvania. We’re an experienced licensed plumber who uses advanced tools and equipment for our service work.

Water line repair is pretty common in the older neighborhoods located throughout the West View area, and we’ve done our share of these projects ourselves. Due to the age of the pipes in the communities we serve, we may also need to replace a section of the water supply line if it gets broken or leaks.

Whether your water line repair project is excessive or straightforward, our Coraopolis plumbing company has you covered. We can also help with installations and the associated plumbing fixture installation or any other services you may need.

Expert Underground Water Line Repair

Water lines carry fresh water to your home or business through main lines that are generally located under the ground or behind enclosed walls. They can also sometimes be exposed and unprotected from freezing weather.

Leaks can occur from weather conditions, pipe erosion, or other uncontrollable causes. At times leaks can occur:

  • Behind a wall
  • Between floors
  • Inside the ceiling
  • Under the foundation
  • In the basement

Our plumbers are well equipped to repair and replace any underground fresh-water piping systems, whether they’re outside or within a residential home or commercial building in Coraopolis or the surrounding area.

Water Line Installations

In addition to water line repair, we offer water line installations in McKees Rocks and our other service areas. Are you thinking about remodeling a basement or laundry room, or need to relocate a washer or refrigerator with icemaker?

A new water line installation may be necessary for remodeling or home improvement projects. KB Plumbing can relocate or install new water lines to assist you with any home improvements. Let us help make sure your dreams become a reality!