Professional Gas Line Repair: Don’t DIY

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You can count on KB Plumbing for gas line repair and related services in West View and the surrounding areas. We install, repair, inspect, and service natural and propane gas lines for the plumbing fixtures and appliances that use them.

We take our work seriously to ensure the safety of your home and family or business. All our gas line repair, water line repair, and other service work is performed accurately by certified and licensed Coraopolis professionals.

Call us if you need a reliable plumber for gas line repair in West View or our other service areas. We are here to help you prevent potential problems by keeping the system maintained and in good repair.

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  • Gas Line Installs, Testing, Repair

Repairing and Maintaining Your Home’s Gas Lines

Did you recently move into a McKees Rock home with gas lines? It’s essential to know that you need to maintain and test the section of the natural gas pipeline that connects to and runs through your home.

If there’s a leak in your gas water heater line, the outdoor gas grill, the fireplace, or any other appliance, it can be dangerous. Natural gas is odorless, but the natural gas company will add mercaptan so that it smells like sulfur or rotten eggs.

If you have any of the following fixtures in your West View area home, contact us for the gas line repair as well as the yearly testing and maintenance you need.

  • Gas Lines
  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Outdoor Kitchen Gas Lines
  • Gas Grills
  • Gas Stoves
  • Gas Ovens
  • Gas Fireplaces & Gas Logs
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Gas Heaters
  • Natural Gas and Propane

What You Shouldn’t Do With Gas Lines

  • Never store household belongings near the gas lines because they can get crimped or bent.
  • Never repair or work on gas lines yourself.
  • Don’t hire anyone but a licensed gas fitter to repair or install them.
  • Don’t skip the yearly testing and maintenance.
  • Don’t wait to call a certified professional if you suspect a leak or another problem.
  • Don’t put off getting professional help to light pilot lights or connect appliances if you’re having difficulties or don’t understand how.