Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing

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Q. My toilet always flushes slowly, but there’s never a clog, what could be wrong?

Clogs can happen way down the sewer line, and they can be only a partial blockage. There could be a little debris, such as a toy or a few tree roots blocking the sewer pipes. The problem may also be the flapper and flush valve gasket where the tank won’t fill up the toilet as it should.

Sometimes it’s just an old toilet that needs to be replaced. Your best bet is to let our plumbers troubleshoot the problem.

Q. Our shower always gets clogged, but nothing I do seems to work, how can I get rid of the problem?

Standing ankle-deep in mucky shower water isn’t fun. If you’ve tried one of the Zip-It drain cleaner tools to remove the hair from the shower drain and that didn’t work, you would be wise to get our professional drain cleaning service. This service not only removes hair but any other blockages such as tree roots and hard debris.

Q. My water heater only puts out warm water and the temperature setting is set correctly at 120°F, what could be wrong?

You may not need water heater repairs. If sediments have built up inside the tank, it can affect the ability of the water heater to function. During service maintenance, our plumber can flush out the sediments if necessary. We’ll test the heating elements to be sure they are working correctly.

Q. Why is my most recent water bill so high when I didn’t use any more water than usual?

Waterline leaks usually cause water bills to rise for no reason. Check your toilets to see if you hear them continuously run. You can check the plumbing pipes underneath sinks and the pipes that lead to and away from your water heater to see if you can find a leak. Also, check outdoor faucets, irrigation, and any pool equipment.

Q. The kitchen sink backs up when I run the dishwasher. What do you recommend?

If the sink drain backs up, there’s a clog in the pipe. KB Plumbing can help you with drain cleaning or clearing the clog. Drain cleaning is a good idea if this is happening regularly. We sometimes find narrow pipes or rock-like sediments in the sink’s P-trap, which form over time from hardened minerals in the water. Eventually, the buildup will entirely clog the sink drain, so the problem won’t go away until you do something about it.