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Your clothes dryer is one of the most convenient appliances in your home, but unfortunately, it can also be one of the most dangerous. Lint is a highly combustible material that can build up slowly and gradually over time. Exhaust vents can also be blocked from bird nests or other small animals.  

Clogged dryer vents are responsible for over 3,000 fires every year. 92% of fires involving washers and dryers are caused by dryers with annual averages of 13 civilian deaths, 444 civilian injuries, and $238 million in property damage.* 

While you may think cleaning the lint tray every time is a good safety factor, it’s not dependable. Kim Williams, the owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Greater Pittsburgh, says, “Never turn your dryer on when you leave the house or go to bed.” 

Locally owned Dryer Vent Wizard of Greater Pittsburgh shares their industry knowledge with the community as part of their commitment to keeping the community safer. Most people think that if you clean your filter after each use, you are doing all the required maintenance. In fact, there are warning signs that your dryer and venting may be at a dangerous level.  

A clogged dryer vent may exhibit warning signs, including longer dryer times, hot clothes, hot dryer, overheat shutoff, moldy or mildewy smell, excess lint, or excess pet hair. Dryer vents can build up a blockage of lint, dirt, and other debris over time. Dryer vent cleaning services will help reduce the risk of fire, save energy, and increase the lifespan of your dryer.  

In addition to fire prevention, there are many benefits to having your dryer vents cleaned. “You can extend the life of your machine, and it may save you money on your electric bill,” says Kim Williams. A clogged dryer is a less efficient dryer. You’ll find that you need to run an additional drying cycle leading to increased wear and tear on your clothing. 

An inefficient dryer could cost you an extra $18-24 per month due to extended and repeat cycles, and a clogged dryer vent can damage your dryer and clothing through excessive wear or repeated drying cycles.  

Dryer Vent Wizard of Greater Pittsburgh offers vent installation, cleaning, repair, rerouting, and inspection for residential, commercial, and multi-unit properties. They also offer booster fan installation where it will provide the best airflow. Already have a booster fan? They inspect and clean them to ensure they are in excellent condition.  

If you notice any warning signs mentioned above in your dryer, contact Dryer Vent Wizard of Greater Pittsburgh at 724-520-8117.  

* NFPA Research Report titled “Home Fires Involving Clothes Dryers and Washing Machines” dated March 2017 by Richard Campbell 

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