Fall Plumbing Checkup: How Regular Maintenance Can Save Your Home from Disasters

Autumn is the perfect time to focus on your home and review your plumbing maintenance. Once a year, have your entire plumbing system inspected by a master plumber for any potential problems. While many smaller issues can be easily diminished on your own, only a skilled technician has the knowledge to identify and fix complicated problems before they turn into plumbing disasters.  

By scheduling regular maintenance for the plumbing system, homeowners can help prevent issues such as water leaks, slow-running toilets, or clogged drains. It’s essential to consult a trained plumber routinely because plumbing systems are sophisticated and need periodic repairs. KB Plumbing offers a residential plan if a problem should arise.  The KB Plumbing Protection includes: 

  • Savings: Extended life on your fixtures, lower utility costs, value rates for service work, fewer repairs, fewer emergency breakdowns 
  • Peace of Mind: Annual visible plumbing and safety leak inspection. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble, but if there is a problem, you are assured that your emergency shutoff valves are in working order 
  • Free Subscription: KB Plumbing Protection Plan customers receive our e-newsletter throughout the year with helpful tips, community events, and family recipes. 

Services Provided: 


  • Inspect the whole house for visible water leaks 
  • Locate and test emergency water valves 
  • Inspect all visible gas connections 
  • Inspect pumps (sump and sewer)  
  • Check the house water pressure 

Water Heater 

  • Inspect and test the shutoff valve   
  • Inspect the water heater relief valve 
  • Inspect burner assembly for proper combustion   
  • Inspect water heater elements   


  • Inspect toilets and tanks for leaks 
  • Test for tank leakage 

Preventative maintenance services reduce the number of emergencies by exposing potential problems that can be corrected before causing major plumbing repairs. KB Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business. We provide live assistance and a preventive maintenance agreement. 

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