KB Employee Spotlight: Meet Roman!

“The one thing that Ben always reminds me on every sewer job is to keep your mouth shut because you never know what can come out of a pipe.”

With top-notch customer care, expert guidance and quality work, KB Plumbing has a great team, which includes other family members as part of the family-owned and operated business. Roman Rennebeck has been helping Ben and Kari since the start of June 1, 2020 and continues to work besides Ben while he travels home from Penn State every summer. Get to know more of Roman with a KB style Employee Spotlight Q&A:

Q: What led you to work with KB plumbing?

A: I wanted a summer job while nearing the end of high school, so I contacted Ben Ifft, who is a part of our family to see if he needed summer help. Luckily, he did, and I’ve been working summers there ever since.

Q: What are the benefits of being able to work for a family-owned business?

A: It makes each workday a lot more fun, especially being a part of the family. I get to start each day by talking to Ben and Kari’s kids before headed to the job and sometimes am treated to a family lunch with the company. It also makes who you’re working with better because with it being a family company, you know all the employees closely.

Q: Does your college education correlate to KB Plumbing’s work and mission?

A: I’m attending Penn State University to study Architectural Engineering which doesn’t correlate directly to plumbing but there are similarities. I get to experience what a job site looks like and how much work needs done each day to complete it by the deadline. I’m also forced to have a better work ethic because I don’t want to be the reason a costumer can’t have water for a few extra days if I were to procrastinate. Laying out the pipes when we run new lines is also fun for me to experience because it gives me a sense of design in the job, which I will be doing after college.

Q: What’s your go-to plumbing tip that everyone should know about?

A: The one thing that Ben always reminds me on every sewer job is to keep your mouth shut because you never know what can come out of a pipe.

Q: Have an interesting and/or fulfilling recent job?

A: Most recently, we were at a job in Ambridge, PA where we worked in the basement of an apartment home. We had to rip up a sewer line that stretched across three different rooms to replace it. It took us awhile to find exactly the way the pipe was running, but after the use of the locator and camera, we were able to start by digging up the concrete and dirt that lays above the pipe. After exposing the sewer, we were able to cut it into pieces and carry outside before mapping out the route for the new pipe.

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