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Our Moon Township plumbers know they’ll be on the road helping customers during winter, spring, summer, and fall. It can be hard to find a professional for service during an emergency. No matter the season or service you need, we have a team of licensed professionals ready to help you.

Our Moon Township plumbers also offer a full line of regularly scheduled services. Let us know if you need water heater upgrades, garbage disposals, tub & shower replacement, sink and toilet replacement, water filtration installation, drain cleaning, water lines, and appliance hookups!

Plumbing Repair For Your Home

As a Moon Township homeowner, you know there will be a time when you need help fast after a plumbing clog, backup, or leak. Our plumbing repair experts are ready to answer your emergency service need, whether it’s daytime, night, weekend, or holiday.

We’ll help you take care of the plumbing problems so you can get back to your regular schedule quickly. There’s no point in waiting, call KB Plumbing for Moon Township when you need a trusted local plumber for plumbing repair any time of day or night!

Professional Drain Cleaning

Pipe narrowing is a common problem our Moon Township customers often face. We can augur, cable, or hydro-jet to resolve the issue, leaving your drains flowing as good as new. As the sewer lines get old, the sediments in the water can cling to the inside and narrow the amount of drainage space. Drain cleaning removes the buildup.

Wastewater backs up in bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. The contaminated water ruins your floors and causes water damage to the walls. Sediment buildup on the inside cases them to drain slow or clog. No matter what type of plumbing your home has, our plumbing company is here to unclog, repair, or replace your drain lines.

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