Is It Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal? 

The point of installing a garbage disposal in is to shred and eliminate food waste, not to make your kitchen smell bad. If it does, it probably means food is clogged and stuck in the pipes or the disposal itself. Putting ice cubes in the disposal to dislodge any food waste is a common practice to fix a simple clog, however, if that doesn’t work, call KB.  

Attempting to fix a garbage disposal without professional training could end up damaging the system further or result in an injury if it turns on unexpectedly. It’s best to call a professional to fix them if unsure of the problem.  

There are some common signs that a garbage disposal isn’t working well and needs a plumber’s attention: 

  • Constant clogs: If the garbage disposal blades don’t properly chop up the waste, the remnants can get stuck in the plumbing system. It can also lead to slow draining.  
  • It takes too long to chop up food: A garbage disposal should mince quickly. 
  • The reset button must be set often: If the reset button has to be used often to restart the disposal, more than likely there is an issue that needs attention. Garbage disposals can trip and shut off due to problems such as overheating and jams.  

A garbage disposal will make noise as it cuts up waste, of course. But if it has any of these issues, it might be time for a replacement: 

  • No sound: A garbage disposal should make noise when it runs. If it doesn’t turn on and makes no sound, the issue could be with the power source.  
  • Humming sounds: It means the motor is trying to turn on, but it can’t. There could be an issue with the power supply, or it could mean something could be caught in the blades. 
  • Screeching or Rattling noises: These sounds that metal make usually mean that a part of the garbage disposal has come loose, or something is stuck inside, like a utensil that has fallen down the drain. A professional plumber, like KB, can tighten any components that have come loose over time or replace them, depending on their age, and find and remove anything that may be stuck inside.  

KB Plumbing is a family-owned and operated plumbing company offering full-service plumbing. Call us today for garbage disposal repair and installation.  

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