Top Plumbing Upgrades for Spring 


It is HI season! Home Improvements, that is!  Before you decide on a project or two, KB weighs in on the top plumbing services for the warm weather months.  

Exterior Faucet Upgrade 

A leaking exterior faucet can create high utility bills. A worn faucet that drips constantly can damage outdoor accents, rotting wood, rust growth, or cause other types of issues. A steady drip gives you an added cost of wasted water.  

If your hose hook-up or other exterior faucets leak, do not turn on or off easily, or show signs of wear like rust or corrosion, it may be time for an upgrade.  This type of early summer replacement can cut your water cost and give you an entire season of mess-free outdoor faucet use.  

Kitchen Sink Clog Repair 

While some people grill outside during the spring and summer, food preparation starts in the kitchen. Corn, thick potato skins, fat cuts, and other items can contribute to a kitchen sink clog. While they should never go down your drain, accidents do happen. 

If you find your sink with a standing pool of water, it may be time to call a professional. Store-bought cleaners can ruin pipes, leave chemical residue, and may not completely clear a drain. It’s best to skip the DIY plan and call an experienced plumber instead. 

Gas Piping Projects 

Professional plumbers, such as KB, also offer gas line services. If your patio is equipped to accommodate a gas grill, or the line is old and in questionable condition, KB can help.  

Homeowners can upgrade from a portable charcoal or propane grill to a more permanent gas model. Natural gas is a convenient grilling option that eliminates the need for bulky propane containers. If you don’t already have the right type of gas line, you may need help from an experienced professional. 

Natural gas is a safe way to grill when used correctly. Failure to install a line correctly or connect the gas source to the grill could pose a serious hazard. Homeowners should avoid do-it-yourself installations.  

If you are ready to make spring upgrades, contact us at 412-494-9970 for more information about our services. We are ready to assist you with your plumbing improvements and updates for the warmer months.

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