Simple Plumbing Upgrades for the Holidays 

The holidays bring increased cooking, cleaning, and hosting, so your kitchen gets plenty of use Unfortunately, most plumbing problems don’t take a break for the holidays. A little bit of preparation now can go a long way towards protecting your plumbing over the coming months. KB wants to make sure that your holiday season is one to remember. 

Here are a few preparations you can make to prevent common plumbing problems this holiday season: 

Replace Your Garbage Disposal 

If your garbage disposal is more than eight years old, or it’s not performing as well as it once did, it may be time to replace it. Older garbage disposals can only handle so much at once.  With the amount of food waste in preparing holiday meals, a clog is an unwelcome repair.  

A new disposal is relatively inexpensive and can pack quite a punch. It’s always a good idea to consult with a licensed plumber, such as KB Plumbing, to see which disposal is best before the holiday season begins.  

Update Your Faucets  

Time can take its toll on plumbing fixtures. Eventually, they will leak, break, or get corroded. There are a few signs that it may need to be replaced. The most obvious is a leak. If the spigot drips when the water is turned off or leaks from the base or handle when the water is turned on, it likely means that a valve, O-ring, or washer is damaged by corrosion or worn. 

If there are water spots or rust stains on or around the faucet, there’s probably a small leak internally, which could lead to bigger issues if left untreated. Crusty buildup on the spigot, however, means that mineral deposits are accumulating inside the faucet which causes the valves to seize and break.  

Repairing faucets may solve some problems temporarily, but in most cases, faucets that exhibit these problems are better to be replaced. It may save money in the long run. The cost of all those little repairs and replacement parts can add up over time. 

Faucets can be easily replaced in the bathroom or kitchen making the areas look brighter and more appealing. KB Plumbing has the knowledge to repair, replace, or install new faucets or fixtures of all kinds.  

Invest In a New Sink 

A new sink not only improves your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, but it can make the holidays run much smoother. They’re less expensive than most homeowners think. A larger basin makes it easier to wash large pans and baking sheets, and they come in a variety of choices. Replacing the old porcelain sinks with stainless steel or cast iron makes it easier to clean.  

From clogged toilets and drains to frozen pipes and broken garbage disposals, there’s no need to let plumbing issues ruin your holidays. If you want to schedule a pre-holiday plumbing inspection or have immediate plumbing needs, call the experts at KB Plumbing.  

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