Tips on Winterizing Your Home: The Cooler Season Is Approaching!

As the colder season sets in and you set your pumpkins out to freight and decorate, keep these tips in mind when combatting the dropping temperatures and gusty winds:

1. Cover and seal all windows.

This is the most crucial step towards keeping your house heated. Using plastic sheeting as a barrier between the window and a specific room will keep heat insulated while keeping those cold breezes from cutting through any gap or adjacent opening. 

2. Insulate your pipes.

The biggest dread of winter pounding at the door is the possibility of frozen pipes. In the words of Ben Ifft, owner and master plumber of KB Plumbing, insulating and patchwork around those pipes can do a lot to prevent this from happening. First, he advises to plug all holes and excess airways pushing in cold air near or around your pipes with simple putty or something to obstruct the way. Next, he advises wrapping exposed pipes with insulation like heat tape, foam, or any form of insulation wrap. This will keep the pipes from being exposed to harsh winds or freezing air and keep the heat within the pipes rather than letting it escape. This is a small task that can possibly save you hundreds! KB also offers this service so if we feel like cutting some corners, give us a call today. 

3. Seal unused doorways.

In order to prevent this loss of heat, all back doors and rooms that aren’t used but still have windows or connect to larger portions of the house should be sealed underneath the doorway. This is the easiest and cheapest route to contain heat within a room or space. Use old towels, blankets or raggy clothes to do the trick!  

4. Keep the heat where it needs to be in your home.

As in the famous words of Aunt Sally, “We are not paying to heat the outside!” Keep the heat in the house. Don’t leave doors open longer than they need to be during wintertime.  Just be conscious when it comes to opening doors and keep that heat in the house.

5. Make sure your hose is off for the season.

Conserve your water by making sure your hose is off for the season. This helps before winter as water could lead to freezing issues for the hose and area of where it’s being stored! 

6. Run your water from time to time.

As winter approaches before you know it, make sure to keep your water flowing through your pipes when entering a cold snap in temperature. This prevents freezing pipes, and it’s as easy as turning on the faucet! Make sure to do this in excessive drops in temperature or during chilly nights. 

7. Seal up your crawl spaces.

As you take out Halloween and holiday decorations afterward, make sure to check your crawl space for any openings to the outside of your home. It will be best to make sure every crevice is insulated in order to properly regulate and disperse the heat in your home. 

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